may11 proam sAfter the completion of the Repechage Round some of the skippers took part in the Argo Group Gold Cup Pro-Am. Among the guest sailors were students from the Endeavour Community Sailing Programme.

A youth education and community sailing initiative, the Endeavour Community Sailing Programme has allowed hundreds of young students to learn to sail in both the west end and the east end of Bermuda. In addition to sailing, students were also exposed to science, technology, engineering, arts and math educational activities in an experiential classroom to improve their overall learning experience and foster their interest in pursuing STEAM career pathways in the future.

Eight students took part in the Pro-Am, after which a check for $5,000 was presented to the Endeavour programme from Gary Grose, Group Producer Management and Marketing Leader for Argo Group.

“We want to thank Endeavor for joining us today,” said Grose. “Argo Group is proud to sponsor the Pro-Am spots for the kids in today’s races and provide a unique sailing opportunity at the prestigious Argo Group Gold Cup. We hope everyone enjoyed it.

“Argo Group continues to partner with organizations like Endeavour and Argo Group Gold Cup who share our commitment to innovation, teamwork and sustainability,” Grose said. “We also want to thank Andy Cox from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for helping us make this event happen.”